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Thermo Scientific Arena Discrete Analysers

The Thermo Scientific Arena Discrete Analyser range are a fully open, automated, random access photometric system for product analysis and quality control in wine, juice, food and beverage, and in other industrial processes. Applications cover methods for wine, juice, beer, milk, honey, potatoes and special food measurements. The Arena Discrete Analyser range has 4 models ranging from 200 to 600 tests per hour capabilities. The Arena 60 is the latest and most sophisticated model in the Arena range of random access, fully automated photometric analysers. Its advanced technology and new design offer efficiency and accuracy in analysis as well as convenience in use ...Download brochure

Thermo Scientific Aquakem Discrete Analysers

The Thermo Scientific Aquakem range of Discrete analysers are an easy to use chemistry analyser capable of random access or batch analysis and the use of multiple chemistries. Types of matrices analysed include clean water, wastewater, soil/sludge digests, effluents and saline. The Aquakem system can be custom-programmed to meet individual needs in each laboratory ...Download applications

All method protocols are based to those recommended in the standard methods for the examination of water and wastewater in different countries and those published in the US EPA and U.K. Blue Book ...Download brochure

Thermo Scientific Gallery Discrete Analysers

Thermo Scientific Gallery brings excellent analytical performance to colorimetric, enzymatic and electrochemical measurements in a compact and affordable design. Gallery covers a wide range of application areas, e.g. in food, beverage, water and soil testing and industrial quality control. Simultaneous determination of several analytes from a single sample, and many automated features ensure efficiency in analysis ...Download brochure

Skalar Chemistry Automation

Skalar manufactures a range of automated chemistry analysers i.e. for the environmental, pharmaceutical, agricultural, detergent, food and beverage laboratory. Skalar analysers meet the highest quality standards and have proven to be the most reliable and economical choice in today's modern routine laboratory ...More

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