Signostics Uscan Ultrasound for Urological Care

Signostics Uscan Ultrasound for Urological Care
Uscan puts smart ultrasound imaging in your team’s hands for more efficient and confident point-of-care clinical decision-making. Its ease of use allows all members of the clinical care team to acquire high-definition sonographic imaging, to inform treatment decisions, streamline workflows, and ultimately support treatment of a wider range of patients.

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Intelligent, Accurate, Intuitive Urologic Visualisation

The Uscan is the world’s first smart mobile-connected ultrasound visualisation device specialised for urologic care.  The Uscan tablet unit provides a tablet display on a rolling stand, for easy portable in-clinic use. Do more, faster, for less, by experiencing these Uscan features and benefits:

  • An intelligent system that doesn’t just scan, it also sees, leveraging computer vision science
  • Accurately measures bladder volume with industry-leading accuracy
  • Intuitive user guidance every step of the way
  • Versatile real-time imaging of multiple organs and structures
  • Fully-covered five-year warranty with “no fine print” pledge
  • Highly reliable – no annual calibration required
  • Mobile connectivity enabled for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or EHR interoperability
  • Uscan Handheld provides clinicians with an easy-to-use, easy-to-carry tool to complement their physical examination


Key Applications

Key Applications

  • Image the kidney
  • Pelvic floor muscle contractions
  • Check catheter status
  • Measure bladder volume
  • Measure prostate size
  • Measure bladder wall thickness
  • Measure the rectal crescent
  • Localisation of free fluid in the abdomen




  • Weight: ~200 grams (7.1 oz) (without display)
  • Dimensions: Tablet unit: 13.7cm H x 20.7cm W x 0.8cm D; Handheld: 15.9cm H x 7.8cm W x 0.7cm D; Probe: ~15cm L x ~6cm W x ~3.3cm D; Connecting cable: 90cm or 180cm L
  • Transducer: B3-5 sector annular – 8-channel B Mode
  • User interface: Touch screen, context-sensitive animations, text and voice recording, data and ultrasound image outputs, and wireless printing
  • Measurement tools: Auto volume measurements, up to 256 slices, distance measurement
  • Image storage: Local image storage (depending on display model), remote server (DICOM, EHR)
  • Connectivity: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, automatic software updates, device location tracking, and EHR Gateway connectivity
  • Battery lasts up to 30 hours (based on four 1-minute scans/hour), with over 60 minutes of continuous scanning

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