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Fisher Chemical has developed a new solvent grade, UHPLC/MS Optima™, for mobile phases targeting trace analysis by UHPLC/MS. These ultra-pure solvents will provide a very low mass noise level in both positive and negative mode ionisation, minimal metal ion content, and very low UHPLC/UV response using photo diode array detection.

Fisher Chemical’s high purity solvents are specifically qualified for UHPLC-MS and offered in Acetonitrile, Methanol, and Water.

  • New solvent specification based on S/N ratio of the propazine product ion from MS/MS fragmentation.
  • 0.1 micron filtration for Acetonitrile and Methanol, 0.03 micron filtration for Water
  • Reduces significantly the leaching of metal cations (Na+ and K+)
  • LC-UV gradient suitability specification which is tested in the full 200–400 nm range
  • Convenient 1 L bottle borosilicate glass design accommodates mobile phase as bottle can sit on top of UHPLC-MS instrument

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  Item Code Description Units Promo Price
  FSBA956-1 Acetonitrile Optima UHPLC/MS grade 1L EA $216.05
  FSBA458-1 Methanol Optima UHPLC/MS grade 1L EA $227.70
  FSBW8-1 Water Optima UHPLC/MS grade 1L EA $126.90

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